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Stonewall to campaign for trans equality‏

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall chief executive has launched a report outlining how Stonewall will work with trans communities.  The report is a result of over 700 conversations with trans people, as well as Stonewall supporters.

The report concludes that Stonewall should campaign for trans equality. Stonewall not only has much to offer the campaign for trans equality, but trans people and trans perspectives strengthen and broaden the campaign for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality too.

It will take time to fully integrate trans issues and perspectives into Stonewall’s work, and we will be working closely with trans communities and existing trans campaigns to make sure we get that right. Read more at


Stonewall to open conversations with Trans groups

Stonewall’s Deputy Chief Executive, Ruth Hunt, has said that she will not rule out conversations with Trans groups.  Such groups have criticised Stonewall in the past for concentrating on Lesbian and Gay concerns but not attending to Transgender needs.

She said: “We’ve always spoken to trans groups – I have hosted round tables at Stonewall with trans groups, and there are a lot of conversations to be had with a lot of people who have strong opinions.”