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A Time to Celebrate, A Time to Remember 

Reflections on preparing the book looking at 50 Years of Quaker Concern for gay equality, by co-editor Marion McNaughton

Rainbow Day – the 2013 Manchester Celebration event 

Sally Mason reflects on the 2013 Manchester QLGF Celebration event commemorating 50 years since the publication of Towards a Quaker View of Sex and 40 years since the beginning of Friends Homosexual Fellowship

How did we get here?

A Timeline of Quaker work for lesbian and gay equality

Equality and Religious Freedom

Peter Leeson reports on a discussion at the House of Commons in February 2014, on the relationship between religious freedom and human rights, hosted by the Cutting Edge Consortium.

Quakers, Same-Sex Marriage and the State

Rachel Muers describes how the long collective process of discernment leading to the 2009 welcoming of same-sex marriage, was in direct continuity with early Quaker practices of marriage, with reference to a Quaker marriage in the 17th century.

Spirituality and Sexual Ethics for Today

A report of the QLGF Manchester Conference, in May 2014 by Hugh Jones

The transgender experience

A reflection on transgender lives by Yvonne Wood

The Ithaca Statement

Grant Denkinson, who has been involved with the UK and international bisexual movement for some years, reflects on the fortieth anniversary of The Ithaca Statement, which came out of the Friends General Conference in Ithaca, New York, in June 1972.

Transgender and the Quiet Lives Project

An introduction to The Quiet Lives research project being undertaken by Jennie Barnsley

Civil partners denied marriage ceremonies

July 2014 press release reflecting consternation that the law requires existing civil partnerships to be converted foamily, rather than allowing marriage ceremonies.