The Quaker GSD Community is a welcoming and supportive group for Quakers of all sexual orientations and gender identities – and those who are in general sympathy with Quaker thought and lifestyle. We aim to encourage friendship and support among members; also to help members who are experiencing difficulties in being accepted or accepting their sexual orientation or their gender identity. We aim to promote dialogue at all levels within the Religious Society of Friends with a view to achieving a deeper mutual understanding.

QGSDC welcomes new members – details are provided under ‘contacts’. We organise occasional gatherings around the country, providing an opportunity for conversation, sharing experience and fellowship. There are a number of local groups.

We changed the name in early 2017, to demonstrate an inclusive LGBT+ community. Formerly, Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship (QLGF) grew out of Friends Homosexual Fellowship, formed in 1973. In 2013, QLGF was awarded Community Group of the Year by Stonewall.

Our Mission

The Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community exists within the historical Quaker testimonies to equality and integrity, to provide an inclusive and welcoming spiritual fellowship where people of all sexual and gender minorities (and those interested in sexuality and equality) may come for mutual support and information.

We will aim to inspire the Quaker community in Britain to reach out to people who are seeking a spiritual home but who feel marginalised or subjected to discrimination by faith communities, because of their sexuality or gender identity.

What we do

QGSDC is a fellowship of people of diverse sexual or gender identities within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain. It provides a space for us to share, support, educate and campaign, based on Quaker testimonies to equality and integrity, and welcomes others seeking an inclusive spiritual community. We hope:

  • To reach out to the Quaker community  
  • To work with Friends House to reach out to the LGBT+ community with the Quaker message
  • To consider whether it is feasible to reach out to other faith groups, Christian and others

We hope that you’ll find things of interest in the pages on this website, but if you don’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the contacts page.


2 thoughts on “About QGSDC

  1. Bill Drayton

    I am pleased to have found this website for two reasons. Firstly before I came out here to the Philippines I was very happily attending the Exeter Quaker meetings for about 6 months, having previously experienced the problems of being an evangelical Christian. My second reason is that I came out as a gay man in November 2011 after hiding my sexuality for 50 years. For me it has been a real blessing to have discovered Quaker spirituality. Once I return in May, I’ll be in touch. All the best, Bill.

    1. Kelvin Beer-Jones

      Super Bill. We look froward to meeting up with you when you return to the UK. Hoping your trip is successful. Kelvin


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